A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created in 48 hours during the Game Jam "Mini Beansjam #2"

We included the 2 topics "rise up" and "contamination"... well... thats pretty obvious. It is a Zombie game.

Your goal is to infect a whole village with the Zombie plague while trying to avoid being taken down by the military. To defeat the military you have to upgrade your Zombies to give them special abilities. 


Jan Böhme

Michael Matzen

Anja Trinczek

**** KNOWN ISSUES ****

When you start a game return to the main menu and start another one it results in a crash.

The application needs to be restarted completely between each session. Sorry!


Windows 18 MB


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Awesome Infectionator-style zombie game. Dig the sound effects and the large map, it's a lot of fun seeing the zombies finally wreak havoc on massive crowds! Good work on the zombie sounds too.